Nirvana…. or HELL !

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 DJIA: 20,728
S&P 500: 2,368
Nasdaq  Comp.:5,914
Russell 2000:1,382
Friday,  March 31, 2017    9:06 a.m.


      What looked like Nirvana to some November 9, now looks like Hell in the making.

      Newly elected President, Donald Trump, inherited an 8-year bull market that  had risen 240% and an economic recovery from a near global meltdown, the worst bear market, economic contraction since the 1930s.

      His game plan was a massive stimulus, the kind one would expect to be employed to reverse a recession, not to add on to an expansion that was well underway. His plan – corporate tax cuts, deregulation, a war on trade and a big spend on the military and our infrastructure.

      First on the agenda was repeal and replace Obamacare.  He failed on that. Tax reform will be a thorny issue, because it will involve offsetting cuts in government programs, many well ingrained in the system. His attempt to gut all regulations designed to reduce global warming will encounter opposition. And, the big spend will encounter huge opposition from the deficit hawks in Congress, the same guys he is savaging with tweets.

      So, is Trump one of those cross country runners who sprints out of the starting line only to finish last ?

      Does it matter, because he and his associate are being investigated by the FBI, CIA, NSA, DOJ, and U.S. Treasury for rigging the elections in collusion with the Russians and Julian Assange of WikiLeaks ?

       This could be a bigger scandal than Watergate, which contributed to a 50% drop in the stock market and a 16-month recession.

        That the possibility exists should be of concern to all investors.

Not only would the Presidency be damaged, but the entire agenda for stimulus, as well

          The stock market trades at its current level in expectation of that stimulus.  So far the Street’s computers don’t see the risk.

           When they do, all will see it simultaneously and we’ll get a freefall.     

SUPPORT “today”:DJIA:20,651;S&P :2,361; Nasdaq Comp.:5,891
RESISTANCE:”today”:DJIA:20,775;S&P500:2,373;NASDAQ Comp.:5,923


CORPORATE EARNINGS (updated  March 14, 2014)

Q1 earnings are projected to increase 9.0%.  2017 as a whole are projected at a plus 9.8% down from Dec. 31 estimates of 11.6%.  Currently, the P/E on trailing 12-month earnings is 19.8 x, and based on earnings 12 months out is 17.7 x. That compares with a 10-year average P/E of 13.9. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
:  (UPDATED 3/29/17 and )

 On occasion, I technically analyze each of the 30 DJIA stocks  for a reasonable risk, a more extreme risk, and an upside potential over the near-term. I add the results of each, then divide by the new DJIA “divisor” (0.14602) to get the DJIA for those levels. This gives me an internal check on the DJIA itself, especially if certain higher priced stocks are distorting the averages.
     As of  March 29, 2017,  a reasonable risk is 20,413 a more extreme risk is 20,196.Near-term upside potential is 21,113

     BIGGER SCANDAL THAN WATERGATE IN THE WINGS ?  I think so.  Attempts to cover it up will delay findings, but there are simply too many individuals who know too much and who will surface.

      Yep, this will be one constitutional crisis after another with the end result a loss of Republican control of Congress in 2018.

      That’s another reason Republicans will hesitate to assist in any cover up.  Network and cable television have never had it so good, this stands to be a reality show second to none.

     Trumpcare may get another vote before the House goes home for a two week recess April 7, when they will have to face constituents.

        No telling what a compromise will look like. My guess is the public will get the short end of it.

        Not only will the representatives have to answer to Trumpcare’s failure, but tax reform may take longer than expected and the big earners stand to get a big tax break if Trumpcare is passed.

        Trump is saying he wants to bring the Democrats in on a Trumpcare compromise.  Based on everything I have been hearing since Trump entered the race, I don’t believe a word of it. I think Trump wants to be able to blame the Dems for the failure to bring it to another vote to pacify  supporters when Republican voters  go on a two week recess.

       While his base won’t concede, Trump may be brought down by his own ego, as the “Russia situation” seems to worsen daily for President Trump and his chief strategist, Stephen Bannon.

         Look for a “Make America Great Again” advertising blitz in coming weeks, funded by the Mercers.  I am not sure it is a good idea to attract attention at this time, since the Mercers funded Breitbart News and Stephen Bannon, former head of Breitbart and currently strategic advisor to Trump. Reportedly, the FBI has expanded its investigation of collaboration to Alt-Right Breitbart News.

      According to Business, Jared Kushner failed to disclose meeting with the CEO, Sergey N. Gorkov, of Vnesheconoombank in December 2016. The bank is Russia’sbank for “Development and Foreign Economic Affairs.  Reportedly, the bank was struggling in face of Russia’s economic woes.  Kushner was seeking investors for a Fifth Avenue office building that is reportedly set to be financed through Anbang Insurance Group, a company with ties to the Chinese government. A White House spokesman denied the New York office project was discussed.

      What then was discussed ?

      What’s worse, CNN’s national security analyst, Juliett Kayyem,  speculates that the FBI has been talking with Mike Flynn, formerly close advisor to Trump.  Flynn was forced to resign when it became apparent he was lying about dealings with Russia.

      The FBI wants to know if Breitbart and INFO Wars, another far right wing site, had a role in  Russian cyber attacks and the spread of fake news, where automated computer commands called “bots” distributed stories to the social media that were pro-Trump and anti-Clinton.

      Generally, a “bot” is designed to automate tasks, bypassing the need to do them manually.    

     The stench of the prospects of a Trump/Russia collusion increases with each disclosure and attempt to change the focus and cover the trail. 

    I still believe Paul Manafort  and Roger Stone hold the key to the puzzle, though Flynn is now in the running.  I think they know whether there was collusion or whether Trump has financial ties to Russia or Russian billionaires, direct or indirect.  Properties somewhere ?  Indirect ownership in oil properties ?  Access to money ? 

      I don’t think this gang expected to win, and as a result got careless and made some bad decisions when Russia came on the scene.

1-Trump’s presidency will implode within three years, Bannon will be gone, along with Breitbart News and Alt-Right’ influence.
2-Trump will put the United States on a war footing with North Korea in coming months with or without China’s cooperation.
3-Expect major domestic violence this summer as alt-Right groups confront protestors against tax reform and Congress’ gutting of a host of popular government programs.
4-Seeds of a recession will be planted as Congress guts programs needed and used by millions.  Stock market has its final run.
5-Social Security and Medicare will be targeted for drastic changes if the Republicans hold control of both houses in 2018 and Congress is successful in gutting most of social service programs and the EPA per Trump’s wish list.     

      Expect the Trump administration to put the United States on a war footing within one year, probably regarding North Korea.  For one, it would justify its big military spend. For another, it would facilitate a mid-term election victory, since voters are reluctant to change  Congress significantly when the nation is gearing up for war.. It worked for George Bush in 2003.  Finally, it would deflect attention away from the Trump/Russia issue, that could sink the administration.

ALL OF THE ABOVE HAS THE POTENTIAL TO ADVERSELY IMPACT THE STOCK MARKET  AND   MERITS CONSIDERATION.                                                                

Note: Source of weekly economic calendar and good recap of  indicators:
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