Key Short-Term Juncture

Investor’s first read Daily edge before the open

DJIA:  17,895                                   

S&P 500: 2,065

Nasdaq  Comp.: 4,803

Russell 2000:    1,236

Friday,  March 13, 2015



The stock market rebounded sharply from my support in the DJIA 17,615 (S&P 500: 2,050 area yesterday with the Russell 2000 leading the charge.

The Street  continues to be haunted by the prospect of a Fed decision to raise interest rates; its benchmark rate has been held at close to zero since 2008.

While the market will take a hit on the first concrete news that the Fed will raise rates,  investors should be prepared for a surge in stock prices following a sharp, but brief, plunge on the news.


The market should attempt to give back some of yesterday’s gains with initial support at DJIA: 17,815 (S&P 500: 2,057).  Breaking that calls for a test of this week’s lows in the DJIA 17,620 (S&P 500: 2,040) area.

Resistance begins  at DJIA 17,953 (S&P 500: 2,073)

George Brooks

Investor’s first read

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Note: I discontinued the daily – before – open publishing of Investor’s first read on November 5, 2014, intending to begin publishing again on a less frequent basis and not always before the market opens. In the interim, I will publish occasionally as I see necessary as I craft a new format.


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