Can Q1 Earnings Goose Market ?

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DJIA: 20,523
S&P 500: 2,342
Nasdaq  Comp.:5,899
Russell 2000:1,361
Wednesday, April  19, 2017    9:06 a.m.

      As expected, yesterday’s market sold off in early trading, then rallied until Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin indicated  failure to reach decision on the repeal and replacement  of  ACA would delay tax reform beyond August.
      Tax cuts are the cornerstone of the Trump administration’s massive stimulus.
Delay naturally casts a pall on the Street’s hopes for an extension of the dramatic Obama bull market and economic recovery that rose out of a global meltdown causing the worst recession (2007 – 2009) since the 1930s.
       Delays in Trump’s stimulus are only part of the Street’s problems. Syria and North Korea weigh heavily on investor sentiment, as well as, the credibility of the Trump administration regarding collusion with Russian officials to skew the election in Trump’s favor, and other ethics issues, including his refusal to release his tax returns.
       Q1 GDP will likely suffer from a slow liftoff by the economy in 2017, including a slowdown in motor vehicle sales.  Corporate earnings for Q1 are now being released. While projected to be positive, their growth rate has been downgraded since year-end.
      To its credit, the market hangs tough with the S&P 500 down only 2.4% since its all-time high on February 28.
       The Street still believes in Santa Claus…….or until it discovers the half-eaten cookie on the fireplace mantle was just an attempt to deceive them.
      Look for a spike up in early trading in line with the stop-and-go pattern we have been seeing since late February.  The key here is, can it hold and lead to a more meaningful surge, powered by Q1 earnings reports, more importantly, corporate guidance and Street projections for 2017 ? (see Corporate Earnings below).
SUPPORT “today”:DJIA:20,507;S&P 500:2,340; Nasdaq Comp.:5,843
RESISTANCE:“today”:DJIA:20,588;S&P500:2,347;NASDAQ Comp.:5,863


Trump – “toast” ?
Monday, President Trump slammed the media with a tweet, “The fake media has gotten even worse since the election. Every story is badly slanted. We have to hold them to the truth.”
      He has referred to the investigation of collusion between the Trump team and Russians to skew the election in his favor as, a “phony story,” a “total scam.”
      Sounds like he is setting the stage for news releases indicating collusion.  Really, why would the President of the United States take time early in the day with other things on his plate, to tweet this kind of rubbish ?

      Just a hunch, but I think collusion regarding influencing the election is only part of something much bigger, like major league money transfers for options on oil investments, real estate holdings, land deals.That’s why it is taking so much time.
      If we begin to see more and more of VP Pence, it may suggest the end for Trump is getting closer. Clearly, the inside knows something is about to break.  Trump is “toast,” IMVHO.
      There are so many people who know so much, and they are going to be watching out for number ONE, and that is not Donald Trump.
      While President Trump has moderated on some of his campaign rhetoric, he is unpredictable and unqualified to make decisions at this level, but Congress will waste little time seizing an opportunity of their lifetime – to ruthlessly, senselessly and wantonly dismember a system that works well without the intrusion of Republicans.
      The rape and pillage of our federal government continues, as Republican Thomas Massie  introduced a bill in February aimed at terminating the Department of Education effective December 31, 2018. This coincided with the Senate confirmation of Conservative Betsy DeVos, a long time advocate of school vouchers and critic of public education.

      As a budget is being developed, we can expect a major revamping of the nation’s government structure and huge cuts.
      Mick Mulvaney, director of the Office of Management and Budget plans to streamline the U.S. government structure by drastic reallocation of resources away from social “Great Society” programs to the Dept. of Defense and Homeland Security.
      Action is already underway to gut the EPA and Dept. of Education, but the administration’s efforts are bound to encounter Congressional opposition, since budget cuts and the elimination of agencies will undoubtedly have widespread impact, none the least of which may be the loss of Republican House and Senate seats in 2018.
Expect the Trump administration to put the United States on a war footing within one year, probably regarding North Korea.  For one, it would justify its big military spend. For another, it would facilitate a mid-term election victory, since voters are reluctant to change  Congress significantly when the nation is gearing up for war.. It worked for George Bush in 2003.  Finally, it would deflect attention away from the Trump/Russia issue, that could sink the administration.

CORPORATE EARNINGS (updated  April 14, 2017)
      Q1 earnings are projected to increase 9.2%. That compares with a Q1 est. on Dec. 31 of +12.5%.  Q2 growth  is projected at +8.7%, Q3 at +8.2%, and Q4 at +12.6%. For 2017 as a whole growth is projected at a plus 9.7% down from Dec. 31 estimates of 11.6%.  Currently, the P/E on forward  earnings is 17.4 x. That compares with a 10-year average P/E of 14.0.
:  (UPDATED 4/13/17 and )
      On occasion, I technically analyze each of the 30 DJIA stocks  for a reasonable risk, a more extreme risk, and an upside potential over the near-term. I add the results of each, then divide by the new DJIA “divisor” (0.14602) to get the DJIA for those levels. This gives me an internal check on the DJIA itself, especially if certain higher priced stocks are distorting the averages.
      As of  March 29, 2017,  a reasonable risk is 20,413 a more extreme risk is 20,196.Near-term upside potential is 20,676
1-Trump’s presidency will implode within three years, Bannon will be gone, along with Breitbart News and Alt-Right’ influence.
2-Trump will put the United States on a war footing with North Korea in coming months with or without China’s cooperation.

Conclusion: It is happening now
3-Expect major domestic violence this summer as alt-Right groups confront protestors against tax reform and Congress’ gutting of a host of popular government programs.

Conclusion: It started on Easter weekend in Berkeley.
4-Seeds of a recession will be planted as Congress guts programs needed and used by millions.  Stock market has its final run.
5-Social Security and Medicare will be targeted for drastic changes if the Republicans hold control of both houses in 2018 and Congress is successful in gutting most of social service programs and the EPA per Trump’s wish list.     
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