Bulls Trying to Break Through to New Highs

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DJIA: 17,958
S&P 500: 2,091
Nasdaq  Comp.: 4.974
Russell 2000:    1,259
Friday, April 10, 2015   8:46 a.m.


   Q1 earnings reports will flow this month; for companies tied to energy and the U.S. dollar, they won’t read well.  So far, the Street is not alarmed, it remains focused on when the Fed will ease out of its zero-based, interest rate policy and raise rates.

    But quarterly report periods can be hazardous, even for companies that “beat” estimates, so beware.

   Today’s support is DJIA 17,921 (S&P 500: 2,086; Nasdaq Comp.: 4,961).

While not firing on all cylinders, the Bulls now have a shot at March highs of DJIA 18,338; S&P 500: 2,114; Nasdaq Comp.: 5,042; Russell 2000: 1,268.

     Bear in mind the DJIA, S&P 500, Nasdaq Comp.  are locked in a three month trading range  (DJIA 17,600 – 18,200; S&P 500: 2,040 – 2,115; Nasdaq Comp.: 4,845 – 5,040). The smaller company index (Russell 2000) is more upbeat, suggesting the Street is seeking greater risk. 

     Selling can be expected to increase as the market enters a level that has stopped prices twice in March.   


Private sector employment (new hires) reported Friday plunged to 129,000 in March from 210,000 in February (revised). 

-Economic  indicators reported last week were mixed.

-Q1 earnings for some companies will suffer from U.S. dollar’s strength and plunge in oil prices.
-Market still keyed on the Fed and it’s first bump up in interest rates, which with a slight softening in recent economic reports looks like it may happen later rather than sooner.

Concern that the U.S. economy is beginning to slump.


     The Street is so addicted to a Fed decision on interest rates, other analytic yardsticks appear to have little significance.  The Street reminds me of a pedestrian  trying to cross a  busy street. It looks first one way, then the other way, then back again, then….

     Bad news is welcome, since it suggests a delay in a rise in interest rates from zero to zero-plus-a-smidge.  Bad is good ?  What kind of silliness is that ?

Note: Source of economic data

For a weekly economic calendar and good recap of  indicators, go to mam.econoday.com.

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